Why 410nm?

Why 410nm?

In the visible spectrum of light, the range of blue is basically between 400nm and 500nm. The lower the number, the closer to the UV range the light is. The higher the number, you become closer to the green range of light.

When researching blue light tools, you will find many that are in the 460nm range and some that are in the lower 410-415nm range.

The AAH Blue Light was designed to be in the lower 410nm range to purposefully include some of the healthy UV wavelength.

Researchers have already shown that in the correct amount, exposure to UV will increase your Vitamin D while being effective against bacteria, virus, mold and other pathogens. Recently the Blue light has been reserached as a potential treatment for coronavirus infections. Here is the complete paper written in June 2020 entitled “Light as a potential treatment for pandemic coronavirus infections: A perspective

We felt that including these wavelengths and benefits only made the AAH Blue Light even better and more effective when targeting these pathogens.

To help target the AAH lights, we have designed the Focal Caps to fit snug on the end of the light and allow a small opening for the light to travel through. For a limited time, we have both the Blue and Red AAH Lights on special to include a Focal Cap and the Battery Charger.