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Visum Light Flex Pads

All the features of the Visum Light are now available in a variety of Flex Pads. These pads will work for you, your horse and all your pets!

Red, Blue, Green, NIR plus Pre-programmed Patterns and Nogier Frequencies

The Visum Light Flex pads include all these features and are intended to cover the health needs of you and your animals. Unlike other pads, the Visum Light Flex Pads are cordless and flexible while delivering reliable output for your healing needs.

The Seven Pre-Programmed Patterns are:
P1: Nerve Pain
P2: Lymph Release
P3: Pain
P4: Anxiety
P5: Skin
P6: Energy
P7: Brain

The Seven Nogier Frequencies are:
Freq F – 73 Hz :Emotional Reactions”
Freq G – 146 Hz “Intellectual Organs”
Freq A – 292 Hz “Cellular Health & Vitality”
Freq B – 584 Hz “Nutritional Digestion”
Freq C – 1168 Hz “Movement”
Freq D – 2336 Hz “Coordination”
Freq E – 4672 Hz “Pain Control”

Visum Light Flex Pads

These pads are very similar to the AAH Light Flex pads (also available thru this website) with the exception of the addition of the pre-programmed patterns and Nogier Frequencies. The Visum Light controller offers more advanced features and the pads offer different configurations such as the versatile dog pads and the curved pad that is perfect for the hoof, toy dogs and our neck!


The Visum Light feels it is important to be accurate and transparent with our testing results. We go the extra mile to have all our products tested by a third party independent light laboratory. Here are the test results for all the Visum Light pads:


Testing was performed by LightLab International Allentown, LLC