But – How does it work?

But – How does it work?

The science behind light therapy is really not a mystery when you look at the actual process which takes place within the body when light is applied.

We are seeing Green!

We are excited to announce our newest light to assist in your healing!   Green is the most common color in nature and is called the “Master” or “Balancing Color.”  Green offers a sedative effect and governs the Heart Chakra.  The primary purpose of the Green AAH Light...

Announcing the AAH Light Upgrade Program!

We have been offering this to our existing clients but now we are able to open this up to anyone that has purchased a single setting light from any other company.  We are able to offer up to $400 off your purchase of  any AAH Light Package.  To find out how much your...

Healing with Light – Lesson 3 – Terminology

This week we need to define some of the points we are going to talk about.  We already know about Meridians that are lines of energy (Qi) that travel thru our bodies.  We also know that the 12 main Meridians are named after the internal organs.  What you will need to...

Migraines and “cranky” Grandchlidren!

We wanted to share this testimonial from a lady that has been using her AAH Light for several months and used to suffer from terrible migraines.  She also had her grandchildren requesting the light when they felt they needed it!  That is what we like to hear.