• AAH Light Flex Pads

    AAH Light Flex Pads (10)

    Cut the cord - Enjoy the Freedom! Beyond the Essentials! Flex Pads offer red, blue, green and near-infrared pulse either continuous or pulsed with 3 timer options. Purchase comes with a removable protective cover for easy cleaning. Save up to 25% with multiple pads ordered. Savings is calculated in the cart during checkout.
  • Battery needed

    Battery needed (17)

    Due to International shipping regulations of a maximum of 2 batteries per package shipped, please note these products have limitations. We are unable to ship a spare battery outside of the USA.
  • Accessories

    Accessories (15)

    Need an extra part? You will find them here.
  • Books & Charts

    Books & Charts (6)

    Books and Charts for People, Equine and Canine
  • Lights (Torches)

    Lights (Torches) (9)

    The perfect combination is a Light Torch and a Flex Pad System.  Be sure to checkout the Flex Pads!
  • Packages for Savings

    Packages for Savings (3)

    AAH Light Packages for Savings - each package comes with your AAH Light, bonus parts and the At-A-Glance Reference Book. From here you can add the PBM and your companion books.
  • AAH Light Current Specials

    AAH Light Current Specials (10)

    Current Specials from the AAH Light - check often as these are always changing.
  • Education & Training

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    We have Basics to Advanced Training opportunities for you!