Wrist Pad


Cut the Cord and Enjoy the Freedom! Each AAH Light Flex Pad utilizes a battery and controller that connects without any cords. Beyond the Essentials!

This is a great pad if you have any wrist or hand problems like carpal tunnel, post surgery restrictions or even arthritis. Easy to use and continue to work at the computer or move around freely without being connected to a cord and a wall outlet.

What comes with your order:

Flexible Pad
Removable clear protection cover
Velcro Straps
Rechargeable Controller
USB Power Adaptor
USB Power Cord
Flex Pad User Guide

Please note – International orders are limited to TWO pads per order due to the battery limitation for shipping. If you wish to order more, you have to make a second order. If you make an order with more than two pads, we will adjust this for you and only ship the first two on the order form.

The test results for this pad –

Quantity New Price
2 - 3 $359.10
4 - 5 $339.15
6 - 7 $319.20
8 - 15 $339.15


Simple without sacrifice!

The AAH Light Flex pads work great by themselves or in combination with other pads or torches.

Each pad has red, blue, green and near-infrared and the ability to use these colors in combination with each other.

Super easy to use and the run time defaults to 20 minutes but you can adjust to 10 minutes or 5 minutes and have the option of a continuous or pulsed delivery.

If the pad is cut to fit a body part, that is the best use for it but not the only way to use the pad. They all flatten out so you can use them on any body part you wish. You can also use them in combination with each other.

NOTE – Due to the batteries in the controller, we are only allowed to ship 2 in a package. This only effects our international customers as we need to send these in limited shipments which means if you want more than one or two you will need to place a second order.

Each pad has been tested by an independent third party testing lab. Here is a summary of the results for this pad. The average irradiance and the total luminous and radiant flux are per minute so you would multiply those numbers by the total number of minutes in your session to determine the total mW/cm2,  J/cm2, lm or W.

What comes in the box?