Visum Light for Comprehensive Healing

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The Visum Light device offers Comprehensive Healing with four push-button Operating modes, 4 primary colors and 4 secondary colors.

The Four Operating Modes are:

  1. Continuous – the operator controls the color combination and duration
  2. Direct Dosing – the operator selects the color combination and appropriate time/intensity combinations for the desired Joules
  3. Pre-programmed Patterns – operator selects color combination, duration and one of seven patterns for healing including 10hz, 40hz, Pain, Anxiety, Skin, Energy and Brain
  4. Nogier Frequencies – operator selects color combination, duration and one of seven Nogier Frequencies

In addition, with the Visum Light, you not only get the four most popular colors used in PBM — Red, Blue, Green and Near-Infrared — you also get combinations of colors that provide additional healing options! By combining the colors you now have access to Magenta, Yellow, Turquoise and White light, which aid in everything from blood pressure and immune health to rejuvenated skin, improved digestion and so much more.

The addition of this light into your practice will allow you to offer more services in-house thus increasing your bottom line!

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