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Master the power of acupuncture—without the hassle of old books or confusing charts!

The fastest, easiest way to master the Meridians.

We’ve all been there--working a busy practice day, helping lots of patients, and feeling great...when suddenly it hits. Call it mental block, blank-screen syndrome, or a brain cramp. No matter how you say it, the result is the same.

You need information and you need it now.

Maybe it’s a point you don’t use very often; maybe you just need to verify a location. Whatever it is, you don’t have time to dive for a book.

That’s where Points comes in.

  • 405 Named and Numbered Points on the Body
  • 14 Main Channel Graphic Images
  • 12 Main Channel Musculotendino Images
  • 12 Main Channel Internal Pathway Images
  • 361 Treatment Protocols
  • 11 Charts
  • Graphic Images of all points
  • Locate information with a single click
  • Fully customizable quiz feature to enhance your self study and acupuncture mastery

Please note - will receive the download link and activation code for the software as it is no longer available on CD.


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