iv) LASERwrap® A-100 Single Impulse Laser Unit



The FDA Cleared A-100 Single Impulse Laser Unit by SpectraTherapy offers quicker healing. This automated laser therapy treatment improves the circulatory system, reduce pains in joints, muscle spasms, arthritis pains, relieve stiffness and reduces edema. The product is used to treat most chronic and acute conditions and injuries, and can also be used to improve athletic performance and prevent injury, as part of a pre- and post-workout regimen.

After you have selected the pad, wrap or straps that you want, you will then decide how many lasers you will need. You will not need one laser for each pad but you will need a minimum of one laser to get started. Most people find it helpful to have, multiple lasers and if you are looking for more than two, please contact us for pricing.

Product Details:

  • 1 Laser Unit – comes with charger & USB cable
  • Portable, programmable laser technology
  • Dispenses treatment automatically day or night
  • Pads, wraps and straps sold separately


Please note: All LASERwrap® products will be shipped direct from SpectraTherapy and will incur separate shipping charges. Questions regarding use and warranty should be addressed directly to info@spectratherapy.com