ii) LASERwrap® XLarge Dog Coat [COAT ONLY]


This product is recommended for large dogs (Sizes XL to XXXL).

This is only the LASERwrap®, the Impulse Laser Unit is purchased separately. This coat is best operated with two Impulse Laser Units.



The LASERwrap® greatly improves circulation to effectively treat acute and chronic conditions, injuries, and wounds. The overall body laser treatment charges muscles with oxygen, improving flexibility, mobility, and function, helping your dog feel their best.

This coat comes in XLarge. XXLarge, and XXXLarge and best operates with two impulse lasers (not included). A shown below, this pad has two zones so one laser will perform the function if you switch the laser to each zone once complete.

LASERwrap® FDA cleared, aah light, red light heals, photonic heal, photonic therapy

The A-100 Impulse Laser Unit is not included. You may add one here. laserwrap, ahh light, red light heals, photonic therapy


How to measure your dog for the LASERwrap® dog coat

Please note: All LASERwrap® products will be shipped direct from SpectraTherapy and will incur separate shipping charges. Questions regarding use and warranty should be addressed directly to info@spectratherapy.com

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XLarge, XXLarge, XXXLarge