JENT Bodywork 101 & 102: One Day Practical Trainings


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  • Enjoy these informative and fun days to improve your relationship with your horse.
  • Learn how to detect discomfort and low-grade pain all horses can carry, techniques to relieve it and how to tell when it’s serious enough to call a professional.
  • Find out how JENT is different to other Equine Bodywork Modalities. Ideal for those considering Equine Bodywork as a career.
  • Bring your horse with you or one can be provided.
  • Accommodation for your horse available at SK Ranch Call Sharon 208-888-3199 or email

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Are you interested in keeping your horse sound? Considering become a therapist, or already are one? These two days are a must to learn new science-based subjects and skills.


The focus of these Training Days is to:

  • Learn to communicate with horses in a therapeutic way. Learn how to let them tell you where their issues are.
  • Gain insights into how to assess horses for new or chronic physiological and physical issues that restrict individual biomechanics and cause anxiety.
  • Participate in practical experience ‘hands-on’ techniques of massage, acupressure and newer technologies of Phototherapy and the JENT Equine electric Massager.
  • Take home full color manuals and a happy horse.


  • JENT Discoveries
  • Practical Learning Outcomes
  • Before we Begin
  • Fascia
  • Myofascia
  • Falls that cause Fascial Restrictions
  • Primary Locations of Fascial Restrictions
  • Home Assessment Tips
  • Postural Conformation Checks
  • Symmetry Checks
  • Preparation for Bodywork
  • Opening Procedure
  • Gait Evaluation 101 – Day 1
  • Horses are Mainly Sore Here
  • Testing for Acute & Chronic Back Pain
  • Gluteal Muscle Testing ‘Train Tracks’
  • Acupoints
  • Acupoint Reflex Tests to Locate Referred Pain
  • Pain in the Front Legs
  • Treatment Plan
  • Red Light Therapy
  • Methods of Activating Acupoints
  • Manual Massage
  • Now you know where your horse is sore and why
  • Now you know about Fascial Restrictions
  • Genetic Conformation
  • Symmetry Assessment of the Hind end
  • Gait Evaluation 102 – Day 2
  • Forelimb Structures
  • Foreleg Assessment 102 Range of Motion Joint Tests
  • Gluteal Fascial Band & Pattern of Compensation
  • Sacro Iliac Pain and Assessment
  • High Heel Low Heel Syndrome
  • Stretches

JENT BW 101 & 102 Sequence:

Training days must be taken in order. JENT BW102 cannot be taken before JENT BW 101.

The topics are divided into the two days training sequentially.


Knowledge and application of basic safety around quiet horses.

Previous therapy experience is not necessary.


Starting time is strictly 8:30am in the classroom after visiting horses are settled into yards/stables.

Teaching ends at 4:30pm. Discussion may continue.


Dianne Jenkins Sutton NSW Australia, International Equine Performance Therapist & Founder of JENT Bodywork

MJENT (Master JENT Bodyworker), CVCP (Certified Veterinary Chiropractic Practitioner) MJRLT (Master JENT Red Light Therapist), ALT (Advanced Laser Therapist)

TRAINING ASSISTANT:  Sharon Katzke JRLT (JENT Red Light Therapist & President, AAH Light)

Here is a complete list of topics covered in these two days

Please read the Important Attendance Information Here

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