General Wellness Set – Save $44.95!

$343.95 $299.00

For a limited time – get your General Wellness Set and save $44.95! Included is the AAH Red Light, Battery Charger and a FREE General Wellness Chart!

The AAH Red Light has three power settings to assist in all direct and indirect applications. For dosing suggestions, please check out our table.

Keep your immune system strong by using the AAH Red Light on your General Wellness Points every other day.

The AAH Light is a professional grade, medical light therapy device. It has three power settings which offer you ONE tool for all your applications. This light maintains a constant output of power at each of the three settings - 100mW, 250mW and 500mW. This ONE light is the preferred light for equine body-workers, massage therapists, veterinarians, chiropractors and the "do-it-yourself" as this ONE light offers the versatility you need to be efficient with your results.

Please note - the higher power settings will drive the light faster, wider and a little deeper than the lower power setting. However, all 660nm red photons (LED, laser, low power setting, high power setting) disperse when they reach the fluids in the body. This is about 8-10mm regardless of the power strength.

  • 660 nm continuous red light
  • Power settings of 100mw, 250mw and 500mw
  • Type II Aircraft Grade Aluminum Body
  • Stainless Steel Head
  • Acrylic contact tip
  • Water resistant


  • 3.7v Li-Ion 18650 rechargeable battery
  • Canvas belt holster with a metal belt clip
  • Removable Lanyard with size control
  • Metal belt clip

To learn more about the benefits of red light, please refer to our Red Light Therapy page.

Please Note: The General Wellness Set includes the battery charger.


Are you curious about all the AAH Lights? Watch this short video –