Equine Basics Video Series – FREE!



Sit back and watch as we walk you thru the steps we take while using the AAH Lights with our equine partners. In each video, we explain the step we are performing and offer tips for success.  Where possible, we will also show you an actual demonstration of the step.  Just click here to start watching the videos.

With these videos, you will not need to pay for an on-line class or incur even more costs by having to travel to a class. These videos are intended to help the majority of the photonic torch users, not only those with the AAH Light.  Although, if you have a single setting light and are interested in a three power setting light, you will want to check into our Upgrade Program .

Enjoy the entire video series and take them with you on your phone or tablet – no need for an app.  Watch them over and over again and you will soon be using your AAH Lights with ease.


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