COVID Relief Package – Save 20%

Original price was: $1,500.00.Current price is: $1,199.00.

Included in the COVID Relief Package:
AAH Blue Light
AAH Red Head
AAH Green Head
Battery Charger
2 Batteries
2 Focal Caps
General Wellness Chart
Virus Chart
FREE USA Shipping


Are you struggling with the current COVID crisis? We are here to help with the perfect all around answer.

The AAH Light COVID Relief Package comes with everything you need to Prevent – Resist – Recover!

It has been researched and proven that the red/NIR PBM combination can help in all aspects of the COVID cycle. Whether it is supporting acupoints with the smaller AAH Red Light or using directly on the chest with the larger PBM Light, or using the AAH Blue Light for the anti-bacterial properties or the AAH Green Light for the anxiety that has come along with the virus, we have you covered.

We put this package together to help during this time. Not only will you get the lights you need, but we will also provide the General Wellness and the Virus Charts that show you exactly where to apply the light.


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