Aahmazing® Virtual Coaching



Would you like to advance your skills even further than what is offered in this free series? If so, there is good news! The AAH Light Team is available for personalized consultations. We are excited to offer you a very affordable way to get the help you need without involving travel costs or extended time away from your job or family.

Aahmazing® Virtual Coaching will provide an opportunity to get answers to individual questions.  Consultations are arranged by appointment only and can be purchased in 15 minute increments.  Sessions will expire within 30 days of purchase so we encourage you to only get one or two at a time.  Please contact the office to make arrangements – 855-224-5481 or info@aahlight.com. Or book a time here – https://tidycal.com/gusgirl/15-minute-meeting

Suggested phone topics –

  • Direct vs. Indirect Applications
  • Opening and Closing the Bladder Meridian
  • AAH Light Evaluation
  • General Wellness and use of acupoints
  • Two-Light techniques
  • Tips for maximizing your results (handler, environment, safety,…)
  • Review of personal video should you chose to submit one (time spent reviewing the video is additional and a 10 minute video can take up to an hour to review)

We will not –

  • Diagnose conditions
  • Suggest protocols not included in the Equine Guide Book
  • Be a substitute for professional veterinary or medical care
  • Offer guidance on topics other than those in the Equine Basics Video
  • Offer suggestions on use of other photonic torches

To make the most of your time with us, we first suggest you go through the FAQ section of this website and then prepare and send in your questions prior to the telephone appointment. 

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