Please note this Warranty is in two sections as it applies to the different products.



Photonic Healing, LLC (DBA AAH Light) warrants its light to the original owner of the AAH Light against manufacturer’s defects in material and workmanship for the LIFETIME of ownership. The toggle switch and base carry a one-year warranty, the battery and battery charger carry a 90-day warranty and the focal caps do not have a warranty outside the guarantee they will fit your light when sent out. This warranty includes all lights purchased after January 1, 2014 for conditions of normal use and service and will require proof of purchase.

It is the duty of the customer to obtain a Return Authorization number, cover the return shipping and return defective unit to the factory for repair or replacement.

Photonic Healing, LLC, will determine whether the product is defective or damaged. The exclusive remedy for a defective product will be to repair or replace the defective part, as needed, at Photonic Healing, LLC’s option.

This warranty shall not apply to any product, in whole or in part, that was repaired, altered, or tampered with in any manner outside of Photonic Healing, LLC’s factory. The warranty is void on products that are damaged or broken or that were used in a manner contrary to the product’s intended purpose. This waranty does not cover the lens if cracked due to misuse or chemicals applied for cleaning.

Photonic Healing, LLC will cover the cost of return shipping to the buyer for all warranty items. If it is determined the defect is not a warranty issue, any cost for repairs and return shipping are the responsibility of the customer.

This warranty does not obligate Photonic Healing, LLC to any liability for secondary charges, expenses, or any other consequential losses. Photonic Healing, LLC shall not otherwise be liable for loss or damages, whether direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential, regardless of the legal theory asserted, including negligence, warranty, or strict liability. The company’s maximum liability shall not, in any case, exceed the cost of the defective part that is repaired or replaced.

If your battery does not arrive charged as indicated with a label on the package, you should fully charge the battery with the charger provided prior to use and once a month out of regular maintenance. In the event you need to replace a battery, please check with the office prior to using other brand of battery as use of incorrect batteries will void the warranty.

Warranty information - AAH Flex Pads only

1-year Warranty

Thank you for purchasing the AAH Light Flex Pad. These pads have a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase against manufacturers defects. The warranty period is not extended if your device is replaced during the warranty period.

What is covered by the limited warranty?

This 1-year limited warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship in your AAH Light Flex Pads. This warranty is only applicable to the original owner and is not transferable. If the product was a gift or purchased thru a distributor, ask for a copy of the original receipt to process the warranty claim on your behalf. Shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser to return the item for a warranty claim. If it is determined this is not a warranty claim, shipping back to the customer is also the responsibility of the purchaser.

This limited warranty is on the functionality of the pads ONLY. This does not cover the finish, plastic cover, controller or battery damage; the warranty on these items is 30-days. If any of these items are damaged, or if pad shows any disassembly/tampering the warranty will be voided. These items are only covered under warranty if they are defective.

What is not covered by the limited warranty?

The limited warranty does not cover damage, defects or failure caused by abuse or misuse, improper care, impact or insertion of foreign objects, use with incorrect power adapter, or loss of device.

Extra considerations –

  • Do not fold the pad flat, doing so will damage the LED strips.
  • Do not drop the controller as it could damage the electronics inside.
  • Do not allow a horse or any other animal or person to step on the pad.
  • Although in most cases this is a hands free operation, it is best not to leave a horse or other animals alone while applying the pads.
  • Do not drop the controller; doing so can break the internal components.

Doing any of these things will void the warranty on the AAH Light Flex Pads as they are not a manufacturer defect.

The obligation of Photonic Healing, LLC. under this warranty is expressly, solely, and exclusively limited to the repair or replacement of controller and light pads (electronics components), which to the satisfaction of Photonic Healing, LLC. have become defective during the warranty period. This warranty does not extend for any liability to medical expenses or for any other direct or malfunction of any Flex Pad product, except as herein provided.

This warranty shall not apply to any Flex Pad product which has been repaired, tampered with or altered by someone other than an authorized Photonic Healing, LLC. representative, or which has not been used in accordance with the enclosed instructions or stated purpose.

What we will do if your device is defective

If you discover a covered defect in your Flex Pads before the 1-year warranty period expires, contact Customer Care at 855-224-5481 for assistance. All limited warranty services must be authorized and performed by Photonic Healing, LLC. Shipping to Photonic Healing, LLC is the responsibility of the purchaser.


Due to the nature of this product deemed a medical device, we are unable to accept returns. If your product is defective it will be replaced or repaired per our discretion.

Warranty Limitations & Disclaimers

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and is in addition to your statutory rights. Your remedies for the breach of this limited warranty are limited solely to the repair and replacement of your device as set forth in this warranty statement. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Photonic Healing, LLC disclaims all implied warranties. If applicable law does not permit the disclaimer of implied warranties, then the duration of implied warranties are hereby expressly limited to the duration of the express limited warranty set forth above.

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, in no event shall Photonic Healing, LLC be liable for any special, incidental, consequential, punitive, or indirect damages based upon breach of warranty, breach of contract, negligence, strict product liability, tort or other legal theory, even if Photonic Healing, LLC is advices or aware that such damages might arise.

Such damages include, but are not limited to, loss of device, cost or any substitute equipment, the claims of third parties, or damage to property. If the applicable law does not allow limits on warranties, or on remedies for breach in certain transactions, the limits in the paragraph and the disclaimer or exceptions from warranty may not apply. These limitations do not apply to claims for death or personal injury caused by a defective device or any other liability that cannot be excluded or limited by law. These warranty terms, conditions, and limitations allocate the risks or product failure between Photonic Healing, LLC and you the purchaser of the AAH Light Flex Pads. This allocation is recognized by both parties and is reflected in the price of the AAH Light Flex Pads. By using the AAH Light Flex Pads, you acknowledge that you have read these terms, conditions, and limitations, understand them and are bound by them.

The AAH Light Flex Pads are intended to increase circulation, decrease inflammation, and stimulate cellular repair.

Product Representation

AAH Light in continually improving its products with the latest technology. As a result, the actual product may differ slightly from the product shown in images on the packaging and in the User Guide.