Certified Organic CBD Oil for Companion Pets

We are excited to offer the Brad Pattison Pet Wellness line of pure Hemp CBD Oil. We carefully selected this company and product because it is:

  • Certified organic, non-GMO ingredients, and Kosher
  • 100% human-grade, pure hemp extracted
  • Made by animal lovers with a passion for helping our companions
  • Affordable! CBD for all, not just the rich and privileged

This product is made in the USA and is only available to ship within the USA.

We currently offer the 300mg and 500mg, and will be adding the 1500mg as soon as it is available in the USA.

What others are saying –

“Brad, thank you for introducing me to CBD, I put 3 of my dogs on it once a day for a week now, 1st dog Maizie 15 years old, before CBD was falling down everywhere , did not want to eat , and listless, today she jumps off the couch, playing with the 8 month old pup, eating better.not falling down as much Thank you so much Brad.”   Darlene S.

“If you’re on the fence about trying CBD oil for your pup, let me share something with you… My near 200 lb senior St Bernard has not scaled the stairs to our bedroom in over a year. He would cry everyday, on the landing, looking up, because he desperately wanted to join us for coffee and snuggles, but couldn’t move his body up the stairs. My order arrived last week… I started putting a few drops on his morning biscuit. Sunday morning, we heard the once familiar sounds of Domino heaving himself up the stairs, and then flinging himself into the bed. And again this morning. I have my puppy back!” Heather S.

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