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Back to Basics Series is Complete!

Some of you have been waiting a long time for this to wrap up and we are happy to say “Mission accomplished!” Although each video has a lot of great information in them, you may find the Direct and Indirect Applications to offer the most assistance in applying your AAH Lights.

These videos took a great deal of time and it is our intention to help as many people as we can. If these help you, please let us know or leave a comment on our YouTube page.

Check out all of these great videos here!aah light, ahhlight, photonic heal, red light therapy, light for healing

But – How does it work?

The science behind light therapy is really not a mystery when you look at the actual process which takes place within the body when light is applied.

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The Updated Comparison Chart

It is no wonder we are still the #1 Photonic Torch available!  Take a minute to not only compare prices, but be sure you understand all the features of the Photonic Torch you are purchasing!

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The AAH Light Distributor Program

As the aah light distributor, photonic heal, red light therapyAAH Light continues to be recognized as the leader in LED therapy tools, we have been requested to expand our Distributor Program.

We are excited to announce three levels of participation, each with a unique commission structure.

If you are a motivated body worker, or someone that is just interested in becoming involved with the AAH Light, please contact the Office.  We will consider each request on a individual basis as we want to help you be as successful as you want to be.

Our Newest Package – the Three Light Combo

We have put together a Three Light Combo for those of you that want them all.

This package includes the Red, Blue and Green AAH Lights.  Each light comes with a rechargeable battery, a canvas pouch with a sturdy belt clip, a removable lanyard and a metal clip so you can use our Super Extender.  Also included is the battery charger and our handy Sling Pack to carry all your items.

Please note this special does not include any reference books, those can be purchased separately for you or your companion animals.

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We are seeing Green!

We are excited to announce our newest light to assist in your healing!   Green is the most common color in nature and is called the “Master” or “Balancing Color.”  Green offers a sedative effect and governs the Heart Chakra.  The primary purpose of the Green AAH Light is to bring into balance the organs and systems in the body.photonic heal, green light therapy, aah light, ahh light