I am writing to let you see a wound I believe is healing because of the blue and red light. The story is:

In November, “Popcorn” developed a sore in his nostril and even with good cleaning, it only got worse.  Popcorn’s condition got so bad that he finally had to be taken to the Vet and was put on several antibiotics. Unfortunately, at this point Popcorn was in so much pain the Vet had to sedate him for the examination – he was completely unmanageable.

After two weeks of antibiotics, the wound continued to get worse and became out of control while possessing a very strong disagreeable smell – one of decaying flesh.  On December 2nd,  Popcorn returned to the Vet and was re-examined.  The Vet stated that if the antibiotics would not kill and clear the wound, then he suspected it to be cancer. Two weeks later I asked the owner permission to experiment with the red and blue lights and I promised nothing except to have hope.

On December 28th, after only one week of light treatment, we saw a significant improvement in the wound and there appeared to be no foul smell anymore.   I truly believe the antibiotics had nothing to do with the improvements as the medications are thought not to be present due to 20 days passing.

The following day I checked in on him and the wound looked even better than the photo from the day before.  Popcorn even let me handle him without a halter!  He stood for the lights and even allowed me to touch the wound in the under portion of the skin. A dramatic change from having to be sedated!

A follow-up photo was taken on January 9, 2015 showing extremely good improvement using only the blue and red lights.  The evidence seen in comparing the photos shows the lights do work. Remembering the vet stated the antibiotics were not working and nothing else was done leaves the evidence arrow pointing to the AAH lights.

Well, I just thought you might like to read of this story and possibly share it with someone that may be down in hope.

Thank you for what you have done for the health of horses.

Mack McMullan
Hansford Co., Texas

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