Light Therapy for Emotional Healing

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It’s no secret that your health is your wealth, and most people will go to great lengths to enhance their well-being. Light therapy photobiomodulation (PBM), commonly identified as LED Light Therapy, can help you heal emotionally and physically.

While this might sound new to you, the science of light therapy has existed for decades, with most medical applications evident in low-level lasers. With advancements in technology in recent years, medical experts have uncovered the incredible power of light therapy and how it can help to treat various conditions and ailments.

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Photobiomodulation and Emotional Healing

Technology has also made it possible to have safer than lasers, light therapy devices readily available for home use. Patients can now manage common ailments like arthritis and muscle pains. Light therapy devices have also proven to be effective in helping people manage anxiety and depression right from the comfort of their homes.

The effectiveness of light therapy in managing emotional-related issues like anxiety and depression implies that it’s a healthy habit that you should incorporate into your everyday lifestyle. All you need is a few sessions weekly. Most sessions last for a few minutes, and the best thing is that they will have a profound impact on your overall health and well-being. The perks of being emotionally sound go way beyond feeling good about yourself.

PBM’s treatment leverages individual healing characteristics of varying colors, including red, green, blue, and Near-Infrared Light (NIR). For instance, red is a popular color, and evidence suggests that it’s a natural, safe, and non-invasive way to trigger a healing process and help the body control pain.

On the other hand, the green light has a grounding effect, and it’s quite helpful in managing anxiety and restlessness. This light calms the body and the mind. Emotionally, this is the treatment you need to bring harmony to your system. A more relaxed body and mind are very important in promoting emotional healing.

Blue light and NIR light also have unique attributes, which are effective treatment options for individuals with acute injuries. Light therapy will help to speed up healing, among other benefits.

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Red Light Therapy and Mental Clarity

LED light therapy is best understood as natural red or NIR treatments for therapeutic benefits. The wonderful part of LED light therapy is that it can be administered using at-home devices. We refer to these as targeted light therapy devices and are applied directly on the skin when possible.

To receive light therapy with a hand-held device (we call a “torch”), a patient removes as much clothing as possible to expose as much skin as possible. The light is applied for a specific period of time to reap maximum physical and other health benefits. It’s worth noting that the application is painless and safe. A good number of patients who’ve undergone the procedure report feeling nothing but slight warmth.

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Light Therapy Improves Mental Clarity

Photobiomodulation (PBM) has many benefits to the body as it helps to:

● Treat acne
● Heal skin complications
● Reduce wrinkles
● Improve mental clarity
● Reduce inflammation
● Lower blood pressure
● Reduce joint pain

One of the main areas where light therapy shines is its effect on improving mental well-being and clarity. This therapy can enhance your mental well-being by reducing symptoms of depression and reducing brain inflammation. Besides, it helps you to effectively manage signs of anxiety and seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Research shows that bright light therapy is regarded as a first-line treatment for SAD and other neuropsychiatric conditions like non-seasonal depression. However, light therapy is effective in most patients when paired with other SAD treatment options, such as psychotherapy or using antidepressants.

Studies also indicate that light therapy is effective in assisting with stress reduction and regulation. With proper treatment, this form of therapy can improve sleep quality. Effective stress management will indeed have a positive impact on your emotional well-being. Getting enough sleep is an integral aspect of stress management. As a result, light therapy is just what you need for emotional healing.

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The Link Between Colors, Moods, and the Brain

The notion of colors affecting your moods should trigger you to think about how light therapy can heal emotionally. For starters, evidence indicates that specific colors cause predictable physiological changes in our moods irrespective of our cultures and personal color preferences.

All this boils down to the nature of colors. Essentially, colors correspond to varying wavelengths.

When light waves (colored) hit the retina, they trigger a flood of biochemical and biological responses. In turn, this causes the body to release mood-elevating dopamine or melatonin (sleep-inducing). The overall effect here is that such bodily and chemical responses promote healing or regulate our circadian rhythms uniquely.

The link between the colors we love, the different moods we experience, and the brain’s processes are all triggered by waves.

Thanks to AAH Light, you can use light therapy to enhance your emotional well-being.

AAH Light for Emotional Healing

There are plenty of handheld light therapy devices you can use at home. However, choosing the best is a daunting task. Visum Light is one of the best devices to use at home. The device brings together the metaphysical, biomedical, and psychological approaches to promote healing. With one foot rooted in conventional color healing and the other in evidence-based-research, there’s no doubt that the AAH Light approach is the most comprehensive treatment option in the market today.

AAH Light offers the flexibility that self-care enthusiasts often have and provides healthcare experts with a profound way to keep pace with emerging light therapy applications. Arguably, it’s the perfect choice for patients looking for clinically proven, safe, and non-invasive ways to heal emotionally.

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