LED Light Therapy and Acupuncture – Part 13: The Conception Vessel Meridian

Conception Vessel Meridian Series

Welcome to our LED Light Therapy and Acupuncture Series

Each month, starting in June 2021 and continuing for the next 14 months, we will be featuring one of the TCM Meridians we use with our lights. Be sure to come back regularly and stay informed.

Part 13: The Conception Vessel Meridian

The last two installments of our LED Light Therapy & Acupuncture blog series are some of the most interesting, focusing on the Conception Vessel Meridian and the Governing Vessel Meridian.

Unlike the other meridians, the Conception and Governing Vessel Meridians are singular — running up the center of the body — as opposed to mirrored, with acupoints present on the left and right sides of the body. They instead somewhat mirror each other, with the Governing Vessel Meridian running up the anterior of the body and the Governing Vessel Meridian running up the posterior.

The yin to the Governing Vessel’s yang, the Conception Vessel Meridian is known as the ‘Sea of Yin’ or ‘Directing’ vessel. With a total of 24 acupoints, it originates inside the lower abdomen, emerging from the perineum. It then ascends the anterior of the pubic region and up the abdomen to the throat, terminating near the chin.


Major Conception Vessel Meridian Acupoints

Today we’ll be looking at 5 major acupoints of the Conception Vessel Meridian, including CV 1, CV 6 (Strength Point), CV 12 (Influential Point), CV 17 (Influential Point) and CV 24.

Located at the center of the perineum, the CV 1 acupoint is also known as the Meeting of Yin in English. As the main point for drowning, coma and manic depression, it also governs the following issues/conditions:

  • regulation of lower yin orifices — genitalia, urethra and anus
  • genitourinary issues
  • genital pain/itching
  • urine retention
  • irregular menstruation
  • hemorrhoids

Known as the Sea of Qi, the Conception Vessel Meridian’s Strength Point is CV 6, located midway between CV 5 and CV 7, 1.5 cun (unit of measurement in TCM: 1 cun = width of the patient’s thumb at the joint) below the navel. It influences a number of issues/symptoms, including:

  • qi tonification
  • all physical weakness issues
  • chronic dysentery
  • hernia
  • irregular menstruation and other women’s health issues
  • impotence and other men’s health issues
  • all types of prolapse
  • stroke
  • loss of consciousness

Located just above the Strength Point, 4 cun above the navel, is the first of the Conception Vessel Meridian’s Influential Points, CV 12. Known as Central Venter in English, it focuses mainly on the hollow organs, including:

  • stomach balance restoration
  • spleen balance restoration
  • acute, chronic gastric pain
  • stress-related digestive disorders
  • esophagus issues
  • weight loss

Next, we have CV 17, the second of the Conception Vessel Meridian’s Influential Points. Located midway between the nipples at the 4th intercostal space, it’s known as the Chest Center in English, and it aids with energy and respiration, including:

  • calming and sedation
  • chronic lung issues such as cough, shortness of breath, etc.
  • chest/throat issues such as palpitations, difficulty swallowing, etc.
  • breast and lactation issues
  • counterflow qi problems

Lastly, we have the major acupoint CV 24. Known as the Sauce Receptacle, it’s located at the center of the mentolabial groove directly below the lower lip, alleviating symptoms involving the face and mouth, including;

  • facial pain and paralysis
  • dental pain
  • speech issues such as loss of voice and hoarseness
  • dry mouth and thirsting disorders


LED Light Therapy as an Alternative to Acupuncture

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Be sure to come back next month when we explore the Governing Vessel Meridian.