LED Light Therapy and Acupuncture – Part 12: The Gallbladder Meridian

Gall Bladder Meridian Meridian Series

Welcome to our LED Light Therapy and Acupuncture Series

Each month, starting in June 2021 and continuing for the next 14 months, we will be featuring one of the TCM Meridians we use with our lights. Be sure to come back regularly and stay informed.

Part 12: The Gallbladder Meridian

Part Twelve of our Light Therapy & Acupuncture blog series finds us exploring the Gallbladder Meridian and a few of its whopping 44 acupoints.

Originating near the temple, the Gallbladder Meridian passes through 20 different acupoints at various locations around the skull before descending the back of the head and down the body, all the way down the leg to terminate at the fourth toe.

The yang to the Liver Meridian’s yin, the Gallbladder Meridian governs the quality of our sleep, as well as our capacity for judgment and decision-making.

Major Gallbladder Meridian Acupoints

Let’s take a look at six of the Gallbladder Meridian’s major acupoints: the Alarm Point, Master Point, Influential Point, Accumulation Point, Source Point and Ting Point.

Designated GB 24, the Gallbladder Meridian’s Alarm Point this acupoint can be found right below the nipple in the 7th intercostal space. Known as the Sun and Moon in English, this acupoint is engaged for:

  • Gallstones
  • Hepatitis
  • Jaundice
  • Nausea, vomiting, acid reflux
  • Timidity, indecisiveness, fearfulness

The Gallbladder Meridian’s Master Point, known as Yang Mound Spring and designated GB 34, can be found near the head of the fibula on the lateral side of the leg. This acupoint governs tendons and ligaments, as well as:

  • Sciatica
  • lower back pain
  • Knee pain and weakness
  • Leg cramps

Known as Outer Hill, with the designation GB 36, the Gallbladder Meridian’s Accumulation Point is located above the ankle, on the anterior border of the fibula. This acupoint aids with:

  • Acute skin conditions
  • Acute cholecystitis
  • Bleeding and pain along the Gallbladder Meridian

Located just below GB 36, on the anterior border of the fibula, the Gallbladder Meridian’s Influential Point is designated GB 39. With the English names Suspended Bell and Severed Bone, this acupoint governs the brain, bone marrow and spinal cord, as well as:

  • Neck issues, whiplash, headaches
  • Stiffness, arthritis, strains and sprains
  • Immunity strengthening

Next we have the Gallbladder Meridian’s Source Point designated GB 40. Located near the top of the bridge of the foot, on the lateral side of the extensor digitorum longus tendon, it’s known as the Hill Ruins. Engaging this acupoint aids in:

  • Weakness, paralysis, atrophy of the lower limbs
  • Wrist issues
  • Chronic malaria

Lastly is the Gallbladder Meridian’s Ting Point. Designated GB 44, with the English name Foot Portal Yin, this acupoint is found near the nail of the fourth toe, and it’s engaged to relieve issues with the sense organs:

  • Pain, inflammation of the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, tongue
  • Speech disorders
  • Stiff tongue


LED Light Therapy as an Alternative to Acupuncture

With its lack of bleeding issues, risk of infection, invasiveness and discomfort, acupuncture via LED light is growing in popularity. With strikingly similar benefits to traditional acupuncture, yet none of the risks, it’s a wonderful alternative that many are finding highly effective.

Also known as Photopuncture, LED Light Therapy uses harmless, concentrated beams of light, available in a variety of colors, all of which provide specific benefits. The AAH Light’s handheld light therapy devices are perfectly suited to the task, pinpointing specific acupoints to help restore flow to qi and alleviate a broad spectrum of ailments and conditions.

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