LED Light Therapy and Acupuncture – Part 11: The Liver Meridian

Liver Meridian Meridian Series

Welcome to our LED Light Therapy and Acupuncture Series

Each month, starting in June 2021 and continuing for the next 14 months, we will be featuring one of the TCM Meridians we use with our lights. Be sure to come back regularly and stay informed.

Part 11: The Liver Meridian

The next installment of our LED Light Therapy & Acupuncture blog series explores the Liver Meridian. This Meridian is often labeled Liv, LR or LV. The yin to the Gall Bladder Meridian’s yang, the Liver Meridian is responsible for the flow of qi in the body — both the circulation of blood and energy, and the smooth flow of our emotions.

With a total of 14 acupoints, the Liver Meridian originates at the big toe, traveling up the shin to the inside of the leg, curving around the genitalia, upward through the abdomen and around the stomach, and halfway up the ribcage.

Major Liver Meridian Acupoints

The five major acupoints we’ll be looking at are the Ting Point, Source Point, Accumulation Point, Influential Point and Alarm Point.

The Ting Point of the Liver Meridian can be found at LV 1. With the English name Large Pile, engaging this acupoint, located at the big toe, aids with:

  • Uterine/menstrual bleeding
  • Swollen genitals
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Depression

The Liver’s Source Point, located just above the start of the webbing between the first and second toes, is known as the Great Surge. With the designation LV 3, engaging this acupoint aids in:

  • Liver Meridian qi stagnation
  • Yin tonification
  • Eye issues
  • Genital issues
  • Calming the mind

With the designation LV 6, the Liver Meridian’s Accumulation Point resides midway up the tibia. Known as Central Metropolis, this acupoint can influence:

  • Acute hepatitis
  • Genital, knee, and channel pain

Located just below the free end of the 11th floating rib, the Liver Meridian’s Influential Point carries the designation LV 13 and the English name Camphorwood Gate. This acupoint governs:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea

Lastly, we have the Liver Meridian’s Alarm Point. Designated LV 14 and found directly below the nipple in the 6th intercostal space, this acupoint is known as the Cycle Gate, helping with:

  • Regulation of the liver and gallbladder
  • Pancreatitis and liver issues
  • Anger, depression, irritability


LED Light Therapy as an Alternative to Acupuncture

Noninvasive and pain-free, acupuncture via LED light, also known as Photopuncture, uses concentrated light instead of traditional needles. With no chance for bleeding issues or risk of infection, it’s easy to see why this practice continues to grow in popularity.

The AAH Light’s concentrated beams of light are what make them ideal for photopuncture, allowing the user to isolate specific acupoints along the body’s meridians. And with a variety of colors (light wavelengths) available, you can further customize your photopuncture therapy to deliver the most effective results possible.

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