LED Certifications and Advanced Training now Available

LED Certifications and Advanced Training

If you are interested in acquiring your LED light therapy certification, we are pleased to announce we have partnered with the Photonic Therapy Institute to offer these courses Online or in a Certification Program.

Online Learning about Humans, Equines, and Pets

These online courses can be taken as stand-alone modules or combined into full Certification programs.
The Photonic Horse – Introduction to Equine Light Therapy The Photonic Pet – Introduction Course for Pets Finding the Path

Professional Certification Programs

All courses recognized by B.A.N.H.S. (The Board of Advanced Natural Health Sciences)
CLT – Certified Light Therapist CELT – Certified Equine Light Therapist CPLT – Certified Pet Light Therapist CLTU Combined Light Therapy Certifications – Human/Horse/Pet

Click HERE Learn more about these programs and to get started.