On July 25, 2014, my mare “Jetty” cut herself on a smooth wire gate. The vet called it de-gloving and she was skinned a couple inches below the hock to above her pastern. She had cut it to the bone in 2 spots and the vet was not sure if she had done permanent damage. He told me to change her bandage every other day and that she would most likely need a skin graft that would cost about $800.00.

At first, I only cleaned it with Vetericyn and used the AAH Light. Later I added an essential oil to the protocol and continued with the light. Not only did I not have to have a skin graft, at only 18 weeks of healing, I was able to ride pre-rodeo at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas with the Idaho Snakeriver Stampeders. Thank you, I love my AAH Light!
Brandi K.aahlight wound healing, red light wounds, snake river stampeder