How to Choose Which Light Device is Right for You?

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Light therapy helps to lower pain, reduce inflammation, increase blood circulation, stimulate cellular repair, and more. With all these health benefits, light therapy machines have proven beneficial for anyone, irrespective of age. This makes it vital to choose the right light device for your needs. There are different types of light (red, green, blue, NIR), and choosing the best one is confusing to most people. Before investing in any light device, it’s important to understand the different colors and their varying impacts on your body.

While this might sound new to you, the science of light therapy has existed for decades, with most medical applications evident in low-level lasers. With advancements in technology in recent years, medical experts have uncovered the incredible power of light therapy and how it can help to treat various conditions and ailments.

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Different Colors of Light Therapy

You may be curious why there are different colors of light therapy. Typically, these colors have varying natural healing characteristics, as explained in the following lines. The following are the base colors and then you have the ability to combine colors for Turquoise, Magenta, Yellow and even White.

Red Light
Red light is a natural, drug-free, safe, and non-invasive color that helps to lower pain and promote healing. In fact, red is often taunted as “The Great Healer.” It’s a popular light therapy that will soothe you to sleep since it triggers the body to release melatonin.

Green Light
Green is universally known for its healing properties. Originally, it was the symbol of nature and love. Green is associated with balance and harmony. Green light therapy helps to calm the body and the mind.

Blue Light
The blue light acts on the uppermost layer of the skin. It helps treat inflammation, making it a perfect choice for individuals with acute injuries.

NIR Light
Near-infrared light penetrates the deepest into the skin, allowing faster healing and better pain relief.


Light Therapy Device Features to Consider

The best light therapy device should serve multiple purposes from one device. This means you don’t have to purchase multiple devices to reap the benefits of your unit. Here are factors you should consider when choosing the right device.

Offers Multiple Modes
Light therapy devices are not cheap by any means. Since you’ll spend thousands of dollars on this device, it’s worth settling for one that offers multiple modes on one device. You now understand the benefits of red, green, blue, and NIR light. Buying different devices for all these colors would be costly. A good device should offer all these color options. These colors have different beneficial effects on your skin, and using them all from one device is crucial. Visum Light gives you the advantage of cutting costs by having all these colors in one device. The various settings on one device guarantee you can enjoy all the health benefits of all these colors at an affordable price tag.

Another huge benefit of multiple modes is that others can use the device. If one family member wants to reduce their aging spots while another wants to lower back pain, a device that can treat both conditions is worth choosing.

Optimal Wavelength
Confirm that the device you want to buy emits the right frequency at optimal wavelengths. This feature ensures the device is beneficial to your skin when done correctly. Red light wavelength ranges from 600-700 nanometers (nm), while NIR ranges between 700-900 nm. Studies reveal that wavelengths ranging from 660-670 and 830-850 are the most impactful. That said, go for a light device that offers optimal wavelength within these ranges to get the most benefits.

Besides paying attention to the wavelength, you should also choose the light device based on irradiance. Irradiance generally means the rate of energy administered to a specific body part. You’ll achieve faster results with the right irradiance range in less time.

Irradiance is measured in milliwatts per square centimeter (mW/cm2). Don’t just choose a device because it provides higher intensity. Higher intensity doesn’t mean it offers better treatment. Consider other essential factors pointed out herein to ensure you make an intelligent decision.

Device Use
It’s also vital to consider the light therapy device use. Some are hand-held, whereas you can use others as facial masks. The right device for you should offer you convenience, and you should find it easy to use. Choose a device that’s not too bulky for you to carry around. Keep in mind that certain brands might be too heavy to carry around. Spend time weighing options on how best you want to use light therapy and how often you’ll do it. This ensures you choose a device that meets your healing preference.

AAH Light therapy device is small and compact. It’s the best option for a targeted area. It’s lightweight and portable, meaning you can travel with it conveniently.

Quality of the Product
It’s important to pay attention to the quality of the light therapy device you want to buy. Light therapy has gained much traction over the past few years, and most brands will do everything to make their products marketable. Of course, cheap is expensive, and the last thing you should do is choose a product simply because it’s cheap. Instead, consider the quality of the product. Check reviews and determine how others feel about the product. Consider certificates and standards to ensure the device is safe and authentic. You don’t want to treat your conditions while bearing the burden of unwanted side effects.

Customer Feedback
We’ll stress the importance of customer feedback. Customer testimonials can help you make a smart move and buy a reliable light therapy device. Clients have all the answers you want regarding ease of use, device effectiveness, light intensity, how fast you should expect the results, and more. Customers will also help you know more about replacement procedures or returns. All these are the nitty-gritty details that guarantee you buy a light therapy device specific to your health needs.

We understand how daunting it is to buy a light therapy device. Consider the factors pointed out herein to make sure you make intelligent choices. Your health is your wealth. Do your homework and go for a product that will deliver amazing results in less time.

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