Let’s look at how Green Light can improve your life.

Green light therapy can reduce anxiety, bringing harmony to the body and mind. It focuses on balance and grounding, impacting your body in positive ways similar to what you experience in nature. A study published in Time magazine, conducted by forest-therapy expert Yoshifumi Miyazaki, shows spending 40 minutes in a cedar forest lowers stress levels improving individuals’ overall mental and physical health.

The Benefits of Green Light Therapy

Improve Sleep Quality

Unlike blue light which can negatively affect sleep quality, green light therapy has the opposite effect. It can help you fall asleep faster and help you sleep through the night without waking up multiple times.

Relieve Pain

Green light therapy will not replace pain medications for chronic systems. However, combined with your prescribed treatment studies on green light show the therapy can help reduce chronic pain associated with fibromyalgia.

Reduce and Prevent Migraine Frequency

A precise band of green light (520nm +/-10) can help relieve migraine pain. The light triggers electrical signals in the brain and eyes, allowing migraine sufferers to get back to their daily lives.

Improve Skin Tone

Green light therapy can improve skin tone and reduce irritation. The light can improve skin tone by reducing the appearance of sunspots. Pigmentation and broken capillaries can also be treated with green light. Even dark circles under the eyes are treatable with green light therapy.

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How Green Light Therapy Works

Even though scientists are still studying green light therapy and its ability to reduce pain, there are theories on why it can be an effective form of treatment. It is believed that green light stimulates the cortex in a manner that allows it to ignore pain. For example, blue light can trigger headaches and interrupt sleep, while green light is more soothing. Along with using handheld green light devices, researchers are studying the benefits of wearable technology.

Potential Side Effects of Green Light Therapy

While no known side effects are being reported in association with green light therapy, studies are still ongoing to determine any potential risks. Before investing in a handheld green light device or making an appointment at a skincare or pain management center, it is always a good idea to speak with your primary care physician. Green light therapy is not a replacement for your prescribed medications or current therapy. Instead, it is used in addition to your current treatment plan.

Improve Your Quality of Life with Green Light Therapy at Home

You can spend the time and money making appointments at a skincare clinic. Some pain management centers also offer green light therapy as part of their services. Going to a professional has a few advantages, especially if you are new to light therapy.

The professionals can provide information about the benefits of green light therapy and work with you to find the ideal wavelength to treat your condition. The downside is the cost and time it takes to get to and from the office. Depending on the clinic’s location, you may find that you are spending hours in traffic.

Purchasing a green light handheld device does come at a cost. The device is relatively inexpensive and it pays for itself over time. You save time and money on visits to the clinic. Best of all, you can use the handheld device anytime and anywhere. You also aren’t limited in the amount of time you use the device. Most clinics only offer sessions ranging from 15 to 90 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can green light therapy improve my life?
A. Green light therapy uses specific light wavelengths to target the tissues and cells in the body. It is a safe form of therapy that is also effective, especially when it is combined with your prescribed treatment plan. The green light wavelengths can improve the quality of life for individuals suffering from chronic pain associated with migraines and fibromyalgia. It reduces skin inflammation and boosts energy levels. The light can also promote collagen production, potentially reducing some of the common signs of aging. Best of all, there are currently no known side effects associated with green light therapy. The treatment is safe for almost everyone.

Q. Can green light therapy improve my mood?
A. Using color in therapy isn’t new. Hospitals frequently use green paint in patient rooms to calm anxieties and promote better sleep. Green is also the international color symbolizing mental health. Exposure to green light can trigger the production of hormones that improve your mood and sense of well-being.

Q. Will green light therapy reduce my need for potentially addictive pain medications?
A. Studies are showing that exposure to green lights can reduce pain associated with migraines and fibromyalgia. Light therapy even works when the individual is color blind. Green light therapy may not be enough to replace your prescribed pain medications, but studies conducted by the American Society of Anesthesiologists in New Orleans are finding that patients are relying less on opioids. With green light therapy, individuals suffering from chronic pain can experience relief without a heavy dependence on prescribed pain medications.

Q. Will green light therapy help with my memory and concentration?
A. Green light therapy can improve memory and concentration. It can also aid in learning. Hospitals and medical care centers frequently use the color green to promote healing and calm anxious patients. You can experience these benefits and more at home with a handheld green light device.

Q. Can green light therapy improve my vision?
A. Green light therapy will not improve your vision. Anyone with a prescription for eyeglasses or contacts will need to continue using them. However, green light therapy can help your eyes rest and relax but be careful about exposure. Too much exposure to green light can throw off your circadian rhythm. You may find that you are sleeping at different times.

Improve Your Life with Green Light Therapy

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