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What is Blue Light Therapy?

Blue light is a part of visible light. It plays an extremely important role in how our body adapts to light and dark cycles. Because of our modern lifestyle, our exposure to blue light has increased. While there can be some negative effects of blue light, adequate use of blue light has so many more therapeutic benefits for the body.

How does blue light therapy affect the skin?

Blue light affects our bodies in two main ways: our eyes and skin. Don’t be alarmed, because light exposure anchors human body functions to the rise and fall of the sun. That’s kind of a beautiful sentiment, right?

According to the US National Library of Medicine National Institution of Health, in looking at other parts of the body, like the skin, blue light activates proteins that contain light-sensitive molecules (porphyrins and flavones), increasing mitochondrial activity. Skin cells respond by releasing molecules that promote inflammation and control skin growth. Lesions caused by acne and some proliferative skin diseases improve when exposing only specific parts of the skin to blue light under controlled conditions.

How blue light compares to other types of light

Did you know there is both visible and non-visible light? Non-visible light includes ultraviolet and infrared light, while visible light includes the whole spectrum of the rainbow, including blue light. Of all the colors of the visible light spectrum, blue light (wavelength 446-477 nm) has the strongest impact on our physiology and circadian rhythm because the pigments in our skin and retina react to this wavelength

What are blue light therapy benefits?

There are several health benefits to Blue Blight Therapy, including:

  • Helping with jaundice – Blue light therapy helps break down bilirubin into products that are easily eliminated.
  • Being antibacterial – Bacteria that live in low-oxygen conditions are more sensitive to blue light because they have less antioxidant defenses.
  • Helping with acne – Application to the skin of patients with mild to moderate acne also improves the wounds.
  • Helping with eczema – The blue light helped reduce eczema lesions when applied locally three times a week for four weeks in 21 patients.
  • Helping with fatigue – blue light reduced fatigue and daytime sleepiness in a study (RCT) with 30 patients who had suffered traumatic brain injury when used daily for 4 weeks.
  • (Possibly) protecting organs – Treating mice with blue light before oxygen deprivation in their liver and kidneys protected them from damage by preventing cell inflammation.

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