Rehab on the Go!

We are excited to announce a partnership with Spectra Therapy to bring to you patented, FDA Cleared, WEARABLE and WASHABLE Laser Therapy Wraps. The selection of wraps allows you to select the correct one for you and/or your pets. That’s right there are LASERwraps® for People, LASERwraps® for Horses, and LASERwraps® for Dogs!

Spectra Therapy is the first company to develop an application that delivers a wearable form of the powerful therapy via the LASERwrap®. The company’s headquarters are located in Troy, Michigan, with the majority of the products being produced and/or assembled in Michigan.

LASERwrap® delivers the healing power of laser energy thru AUTOMATED UNATTENDED TREATMENTS while on the go, traveling to and from an event, at work, or at home. It is designed to treat the entire area of concern, including the extremities, head, neck, back, and chest with the 24/7 LASERwrap®.

Wearable LASERwrap® is a breakthrough treatment that can speed up healing and help you to achieve maximum results from your other therapies. When used in conjunction with other therapies, such as the AAH Light, chiropractic, massage and other soft tissue mobilizations, physical therapy, acupuncture and nutrition, LASERwrap® is very effective.

This is Therapy at your convenience and Rehab on the Go! Just Click it and Forget it!