October 10, 2019 @ 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM America/Boise Timezone
SK Ranch
13100 S Five Mile Rd
Kuna ID
Sharon Katzke
Meet and Greet with Dianne Jenkins @ SK Ranch

Enjoy a free, casual and relaxed evening with Dianne Jenkins as she will discuss and demonstrate her JENT Equine Bodywork and why this is so advanced from any other modalities. She has worked on over 11,000 horses in her career and has addressed just about every aliment known to the equine industry.

Dianne will have a short presentation and follow-up with a demonstration of her techniques. You will want to be here if you are considering booking an appointment with Dianne as you will get a better understanding of what you can expect and why she gets the results that she does. Learn how to detect discomfort and low-grade pain all horses can carry, techniques to relieve it and how to tell when it’s serious enough to call a professional. Find out how JENT is different to other Equine Bodywork Modalities. Ideal for those considering Equine Bodywork as a career or any animal owner that would like to learn more about health and healing options.

This evening is open to everyone and anyone interested in learning more about how to keep their horses sound. You may be an equine bodyworker, trainer, groomer, normal everyday horse owner, vet, or just curious, you will leave with new tools to help with your horse’s movement.

This evening is intended to introduce you to these concepts while you will see them at work. If you find this fascinating, you may want to join us for the next several days. We will have bodywork sessions and auditing available on Friday and Monday, and JENT Equine Bodywork 101 and 102 Saturday and Sunday.

Check out more about our instructor here.

For even more information – check out Dianne at jent.net.au

Or on Facebook – Dianne Jenkins or JENT BodyWork