April 30-May 2 we will be offering a 3-day Light Therapy class with a strong emphasis on the red color. This class is open to anyone that has an interest in taking their knowledge and skill to another level. However, in order to maintain the level of information we want to share during this training, you must be prequalified to attend. You can prequalify for this training by attending the Weekend Workshops and/or be experienced in the industry. Please contact the office for authorization.

If you are currently an equine therapist then you will want to learn how incorporating light therapy into your existing business will set you apart from your competition.

This class is jam packed with information and will go very fast so it is essential that you attend the weekend workshops. A basic knowledge of equine anatomy will be very helpful to your learning.

As this is only a 3-day class, we have hand picked the topics that we feel you will benefit the most from. These are mostly hands-on so we encourage you to bring your horse! In these three days, you will:

  • Learn a new level of proficiency in the application of Light therapy
  • Incorporate important preparation procedures for better results
  • Hands-on Photobiomodulation for wounds – recent and old
  • ​​Find the pain! Learn unique hands-on assessment​ skills​
  • ​​​Assess and perform Reflex Test for pain in the knees, stifles and shoulders
  • Recognize the signs of poor saddle fit, ​sore backs and imminent leg issues
  • Perform the Reflex Test on the Association Points to indicate internal issues
  • Link the Ting Points for more powerful outcomes
  • ​Tie it all together – ask the questions you want of our expert

You will receive a Certificate of Attendance from JENT Education Institute.

There is an opportunity to bring your own equine but space is limited so please contact the office right away if you plan to do this. There is limited boarding available here and equine must be UTD and showing no signs of any illness.

Hotels are in the area and there may be limited dry camping available on the grounds.

The cost for this class is $395, and the class size is limited. Register now to assure your place!