October 19, 2019 @ 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM America/Boise Timezone
Student Union Ballroom - ISU
921 South 8th Avenue Pocatello
ID 83201
Welcome to the Pocatello, ID
Energy Healing Conference!

This conference is an incredible gathering of people in who are looking to learn more about alternative health, energy medicine, more about the science of the energy systems, herbal remedies, color therapy, overcoming addictions, strengthening relationships, light therapy, crystals & stones, holistic business support, hypnotherapy, the law of vibration and more.

We sure have an array of choices for you! You choose your conference experience because you choose which classes you’ll attend when you arrive. There will literally be something for everyone! We look forward to you joining with us!

Hot Topics for 2019-2020 

Color Healing
Safe Food Fermentation
Healing the Gut
​Vibrational Medicine
Meditation & Yoga
Muscle Testing
The Emotion Code
Understanding Epigenetics
Universal Laws
Foot Zoning
Abundance & Prosperity
Energy Healing for Beginners
Medical Intuitive Education

The Power of Thoughts & Words
Trusting Your Intuition
Making Homemade Tinctures
Creating Your Own Herbal Blends
Energy Medicine 101
Holistic Education & Support
Cleansing & Healing Nutrition
​Guided Imagery
Helping our Animals
Generational & DNA Research 
Science & Energy Work
​​Chakras & Meridians
Frequency of Food
Theta Healing
Intuitive Gifts

Essential Oils
Power of Music
Grounding/Balancing Your Energies
​Sound Therapy
Protection for Empaths
​Overcoming Addictions

Energy Healing Modalities
True Forgiveness
Hypnosis for Health
Healing Your Inner Child
​Body Language
Classes Designed Specifically for Energy Practitioners and Health Coaches too:
​Energy Medicine Business
Business Marketing & Strategies
Social Media Marketing
Successful Web Design
Legal Information & Insurance
Business Vision Boards
Empath Release Techniques
Functional Medicine