Equine Basics Video Series

We hope you enjoy the Equine Basics Video series that we have put together for you.  We are offering them for FREE as we do not feel you should pay extra to learn how to use your light.  These videos will offer you suggestions on how to get the most from your AAH Light and your supporting materials.

With this Equine Basics series, you will be able to learn how to use your AAH Light, or any photonic torch, with your equine partners as equine horse therapy, without the extra expense of travel or extended time away from your job or family.

Each video addresses a specific topic or step that we take while performing a light equine horse therapy session.  We first explain the step and then, where possible, we show you an actual demonstration of the step.

Although there is a lot of information in these videos, if you are wanting to get extra help or would just like additional one on one assistance, we are also available thru our Aahmazing® Virtual Coaching Program.

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Equine Basics Video Series

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