Education and Training

To assist you in becoming proficient with your AAH Lights, we are offering very affordable additional resources.

First, we have a series of FREE videos for you and your equine to learn the steps we go thru when we use the AAH Lights with our equine partners.  It is important to us to offer you the best value and these free videos will save you a lot of money and time.  Please share these FREE videos with your friends.  Even if they are using a different light, the information will be very helpful and useful.

Next, we have a second series of FREE videos to help you understand your AAH lights better.  We are updating this series but for now, these are all good videos with a lot of information you will want to know.

Take your time and come back as often as you need to as there is a lot of information tucked into these two video series.  We would appreciate your feedback and we will continue to revise and add to these.

Plus, for those of you that are interested in additional training or coaching, we also have that available to you for a low price of $25/session!  You can add as many sessions as you want, but this way, you will only pay for what you need.  If you have your questions ready, you will get a lot accomplished in 15 minutes.

Do you want more?

For those of you that are looking to advance your knowledge even more, we have partnered with the Photonic Therapy Institute to bring you Advanced Training as well as Certification opportunities.

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