Aahmazing® Wound Healing!

Aahmazing® Wound Healing!

Warning- Graphic photos No one wants to find a wound like this but when you do, know that your AAH Lights are your best friend! This would could not be stitched and look at the little clean scar that was left after 60 days. Thank you Misty Withee for sharing your...
But – How does it work?

But – How does it work?

The science behind light therapy is really not a mystery when you look at the actual process which takes place within the body when light is applied.

Use your AAH Light to help reduce the dental trauma.

Teeth floating is a part of owning a horse.  There are many vets and dentists that have gone a more natural way to help ease the trauma of this procedure.  Some will get on their knees to work and use only manual tools. While that is all very helpful, there is still...

Mysterious wound heals with Blue and Red light

I am writing to let you see a wound I believe is healing because of the blue and red light. The story is: In November, “Popcorn” developed a sore in his nostril and even with good cleaning, it only got worse.  Popcorn’s condition got so bad that he finally had to be...

Jetty’s wound was severe!

On July 25, 2014, my mare “Jetty” cut herself on a smooth wire gate. The vet called it de-gloving and she was skinned a couple inches below the hock to above her pastern. She had cut it to the bone in 2 spots and the vet was not sure if she had done permanent damage....

Healing with Light – Lesson 9 – Stomach

The Stomach Meridian Protocol The stomach is responsible for providing the entire system with energy. It handles the digestion of food and fluids and is commonly called the “Minister of the Mill” and the “Sea of Nourishment”. The stomach digests the foods and fluids...
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