The AAH PBM Light is here and ready to order!

The AAH PBM Light is here and ready to order!

The wait is over and we are now accepting orders for the new AAH PBM Light and PBM Head. This light is the bomb! Three settings for optimal healing including near IR and a 40Hz optimal healing frequency. Intended for direct applications only – Put it Where it...

Red Light? Blue Light? Sometimes you want BOTH!

Did you know that you can use your AAH Blue Light to ward off bacteria?  One of our favorite times to use it is when there is an open wound and a chance of infection.  Here we have fresh stitches so both the red and blue lights are being used together.  A couple...

Safety First!

When doctoring our horses, how many times have we put ourselves in an unsafe situation just to get the job done?  With the engineered design of the AAH Light, we put SAFETY FIRST and made sure this light will hold an extension so you can safely work on a horses’...
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