Have you been waiting for the perfect pad? The wait will soon be over with the new AAH Light Flex Pads!

Why are the AAH Light Flex Pads worth the wait?

Because they are the only pads you will need!

Cut the cord and enjoy the freedom of not being stuck plugged into an outlet!

  • The AAH Light Flex Pads have a removable and rechargeable controller/battery that attaches directly on the pad. You no longer have cords to tie you down or get tangled up.
  • The AAH Light Flex Pads are extremely comfortable as they are lightweight, flexible and conform to the body easily. With the use of flat chips, placing them closely to the body will not irritate any sensitive areas like a fresh surgical area.
  • The AAH Light Flex Pads offer Red, Blue, Green and Near-infrared and allows you the ability to use these colors independently or with the other colors in any combination.
  • You have the ability to use the pads in a continuous or a pulsed setting.
  • You have 3 pre-set times to select from: 5, 10 or 20 minutes.
  • The battery is designed to last approximately 90 minutes with one charge. This is enough time for several sessions on each pad.
  • Each pad includes a clear, removable cover to allow for easy cleaning.
  • Our pads are independently tested by a third-party and the results are published for transparency.

Pain Buster Pad​

This versatile pad can be used by itself or with other pads to cover a larger area. Great for us and our animals and is a very popular pad.

Back/Shoulder/Hips Pad

This pad fits around the waist but lays flat for other applications. Awesome for long car drives. Flat back allows you to sit in a chair or even lay down with this pad.

Foot/Ankle Pad

This pad fits is intended to fit the foot and ankle although it can used in other places as you can see in the photos. This pad is extremely helpful for those with Neuropathy and/or diabetic ulcers and any other foot conditions such as a break or surgery.

Knee/Ankle/Hock Pad

This pad is intended to be used with any hinged joint such as the knee, elbow or hock. This pad is great for us and our animals and can be used with any of the other pads.

Handy Pad

Why is this called the “Handy Pad”? Grab a couple and you will see! This pad is smaller and fits in spaces where the larger pads are not as easy to use. With a small piece of Velcro, you can add these pads to others and make any size configuration you want.

Wrist Pad

For those with carpal tunnel or other wrist issues, this pad allows you to continue what you are doing and still receive your light therapy! Although this pad is made for the wrist, we use it other places as well.