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AAH Light, photonic heal, photonic therapy

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Experience Vibrant, Younger-Looking Skin, Improved Wound Healing and Relief from Skin Conditions with the AAH Light and LED Light Therapy

Decades of scientific research (see clinical studies below) continue to prove that LED light therapy is a remarkably effective treatment for a wide variety of skin-related issues. Safe, non-invasive and with little to no side effects, light therapy has quickly become the superior skin care alternative for professionals and consumers alike. Read on to discover AAH Light’s various colors, allowing you to choose the exact light therapy devices you need to achieve amazing results for the skin issues that matter to you most!

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Photobiomodulation (PBM) Therapy uses red and near infrared (NIR) light to reduce pain, inflammation and edema, and drastically aid recovery. PBM light works at the cellular level in which its efficacy has been proven through thousands of published case studies. Red, Red+NIR, Red+NIR pulsed.

The red light has been known as Photonic Red Light Therapy and it has been proven to be a drug-free, safe, natural, and non-invasive way to promote healing and control pain. Red light will increase circulation and revitalize cells to accelerate healing. 3 power settings – low, medium, high

The blue light has been called the greatest antiseptic in the world due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Blue light will act to soothe and cool down acute inflammation and strong emotions like anger and aggression. 3 power settings – low, medium, high

The green light will help bring about balance and grounding. The light is good for anxiety and restlessness as it brings harmony to both the mind and body. Green light is also used to balance oily skin and for skin pigmentation concerns. 3 power settings – low, medium, high

The Great White

AAH Light, photonic heal, photonic therapy, aah lights

A combination of red, blue and green light, white light therapy penetrates deep into the skin, promoting collagen production and speeding up the skin’s metabolism. This powerful blend of therapies reduces fine lines and wrinkles while providing a healthier, younger-looking complexion — all without costly products or visits to a specialist.

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We understand that you may have some reservations regarding the AAH Light and although Photonic Healing, LLC is confident that you will be completely satisfied with our product, we offer a 45-day No-Worries Guarantee.

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The most complete database of research is available thru this link. This collection of over 5,000 research studies and papers has been put together by Vladimir Heiskanen of Helsinki Finland.

“Photobiomodulation (PBM) / Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) / red/NIR phototherapy studies – a comprehensive database”