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Beyond the Essentials!

Enjoy the AAH Light Flex pads for the health needs of you and your animals.

Unlike other pads, the AAH Light Flex Pads offer RED, BLUE, GREEN and NEAR-INFRARED as well as either a CONTINUOUS or PULSED at 40hz setting. Simple without sacrifice!

The addition of a removable cover allows for easy cleaning and the pads can be used with the cover on or off.

We are starting with these six pads and have several more in the pipeline – even a silicon face mask that will have all the colors .

While we will have specific pads for equines (poll pad, hoof pad) and canines (3 sizes of dog pads/wraps), you certainly can use these pads on both you and your animals. Be sure to visit regularly and stay in touch thru the newsletter. If you haven’t signed up for that, you can do so here.

The AAH Light Flex Pads are:

  • Flat – no bumpy LED’s against your skin
  • Dual chip – get more bang for your buck with all the colors in one pad
  • Flexible – easy to contour to the body
  • Cordless! – take them with you where ever you go
  • Removable clear cover – easy to clean, use with out without the cover
  • Heat resistant – these pads do not get hot!
  • Affordable! – Not much else to say about that
  • Independent third-party lab tested – Test data you can rely on and is posted below

Pain Buster Pad​

This versatile pad can be used by itself or with other pads to cover a larger area. Great for us and our animals and is a very popular pad.

Back/Shoulder/Hips Pad

This pad fits around the waist but lays flat for other applications. Awesome for long car drives. Flat back allows you to sit in a chair or even lay down with this pad.

Foot/Ankle Pad

This pad fits is intended to fit the foot and ankle although it can used in other places as you can see in the photos. This pad is extremely helpful for those with Neuropathy and/or diabetic ulcers and any other foot conditions such as a break or surgery.

Knee/Ankle/Hock Pad

This pad is intended to be used with any hinged joint such as the knee, elbow or hock. This pad is great for us and our animals and can be used with any of the other pads.

Handy Pad

Why is this called the “Handy Pad”? Grab a couple and you will see! This pad is smaller and fits in spaces where the larger pads are not as easy to use. With a small piece of Velcro, you can add these pads to others and make any size configuration you want.

Wrist Pad

For those with carpal tunnel or other wrist issues, this pad allows you to continue what you are doing and still receive your light therapy! Although this pad is made for the wrist, we use it other places as well.

Flex Pads

Product and ordering information available February 1, 2023

Flex Pads

The AAH Light Flex Pad Dosing