With this getting started series, you will be able to learn how to use your AAH Light light therapy products without the extra expense of travel or extended time away from your job or family.

Here are several short videos to help you understand how to use your AAH Light light therapy products to the best of your ability. Everything from how to charge the battery to how to use two lights together.

We have put together the Direct and Indirect Applications Video and that is packed full of tips to help you with your light.

Be sure to come back frequently as we will do our best to keep these revised and updated. Although there is a lot of information in these videos, if you are wanting to get extra help or would just like additional one on one assistance, we are also available thru our Aahmazing® Virtual Coaching Program.

Please refer to our FAQ section for answers to questions regarding care and maintenancesafety and warranty.  You will find a list or resources and clinical studies on both the Red Light Therapy page and the Blue Light Therapy page.