Introducing the HealthLight LED Pads

HealthLight is a leader in the manufacture of LED therapy pads. The engineering, technology and design make the difference.

HealthLight pads are made of a soft, pliable neoprene, about 1/3 inch thick.  Sandwiched in between the pad is a series of computer boards, daisy chained together.  As a result, it is important that you don’t hard force the pad to flex as it can damage the computer boards.

About the HealthLight Pads

  • Pads are named by the number of LEDs in each pad, and usually the size of the pad increases with the increase in number of LEDs. They can also be named for a particular bodysite—boot, facemask, etc.
  • The pads generally flex on the length, not the width. The most flexible is the 180 pad.
  • All pads have two or three of the three wavelengths of LEDS: red, infrared, and blue.
  • Pads never get hot, only a slight warmth. Some pads have a very slightly greater warmth than others, which also aids in soothing impact.  All the benefits are from light, not heat.
  • Use a dry stiff plastic bristle scrub brush to remove larger particles and a damp cloth to wipe away finer particles. Allow to dry thoroughly before placing in storage.
  • Do not use your HealthLight pads over unprotected wounds or where subject to body fluids. Use clear plastic wrap or a plastic bag to protect your HealthLight pad if you want to share the benefits with a friend. Dispose of wrap or bag after each use.
  • Never stand on your HealthLight pads.
  • At this time, they are only available in the USA.