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The AAH Light Story - Short and Simple!

Several years ago, while watching a demonstration on TV showing a man using a hand-held red light on a horse, an observation was made that started a journey. Seeing the obvious reactions and changes in the horse, there was something to this. The desire to learn more was created.

Being fortunate to have grown up with horses and other animals developed a life long passion for them. As with most animal owners, we care for them as if they’re our children, striving to provide the best for them to be happy, healthy and pain free. But, like all living beings, they seem to find a way to get hurt and injured, which sometimes would require medical intervention.

Whenever a medical situation would come up, there was always the dilemma about the cost of medical care and funds available. This is when our emotions take over and tell us money doesn’t matter and we need to do whatever we can to help. Wouldn’t it be great if money wasn’t in the equation and we had the tools in our hands to help at the time it would benefit us the most?

Enter Photonic Light Therapy and the amazing power of the LED lights. With over ten years of successful hands-on experience using commercially available lights, Photonic Healing, LLC, is extremely excited to introduce and offer the AAH Light. With all the years of experience using other lights, we took the best of what we liked from many different sources and combined those into one efficient, durable an affordable light.

We felt that one significant omission from other commercially available hand-held lights was the ability to have more than one output of power in the same light. This was the basis for the AAH Light, but we didn’t stop there – the AAH Light also offers exchangeable heads with different colors of light and a strong rechargeable battery. Please refer to our FAQ’s for additional background and information.

Gone are the cumbersome days of needing to carry more than one light and more than one type of battery. You can now explore endless, flexible possibilities with the AAH Light! Not only will this light allow you to access three power settings – 100mw, 250mw and 500mw with just the push of a button, you also have the ability to exchange the red light head with other colors, such as blue, white or ultra violet.

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  1. Hello,
    I love the lights ! I just got the green one and it has helped my horses digestive issue he had. He has good manure , but there was this issue of yeuchy fluid that would dribble out and make his butt a mess.
    I used the red one with great success when my two had a cough earlier this season . I thought it was allergies , but it cleared it right up !
    The question I have is I contacted you about points to shoot on humans for Lyme. You very nicely told me to check Google for acupuncture points for humans , but I can not seem to find a picture of points anywhere. Could you let me know the site where these points would be shown , I’d really appreciate it. I am working at getting these spirochettes to leave my body as it is making living tortuous .
    Thank you.
    Marty Whittle

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