AAH Light

The AAH Red and Blue Light!

Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of the AAH Light! It is the one and only hand-held, durable LED light with THREE (100mw, 250mw and 500mw) power settings and interchangeable heads! This portable, affordable and easy to use light eliminates the hassle of carrying up to three different lights (some practitioners use two of each type and therefore need to carry 4-6 lights) and three different types of batteries.

Check out the VALUE of the AAH Light!

The AAH Light was designed with YOU in mind and has the ability to do both acupressure point work and deep tissue work. The lower setting is best used any time you are working on the meridian acupressure points, virus points and skin surface wounds. The middle and highest settings are reserved for the times you need to drive the light into tissue a little faster and a little deeper. However, stronger is not always better and it is recommended you always start on the lowest setting, evaluate your results and adjust appropriately.

Which setting should you use? The one that works! The AAH Light has three power settings of output – 100mw, 250mw and 500mw. In terms of communication with the cells and acupressure points, they like to be whispered to and not shouted at. The lower setting will “whisper” where the highest setting will “shout” at your acupressure points. Depending on your need, you will determine which setting you need at the time you are applying the light and adjust accordingly.

The higher the setting, the faster and deeper the light will travel. So, if you are not working on the acupressure points and you need to release a tight muscle or knot, you may want to use the higher settings. Sometimes it may be necessary to go thru clothing and the lower settings may not have enough power to do that. However, when your goal is to stimulate acupressure points, treat virus points, or promote skin wound healing, the lower settings tend to be more effective.

Three Power Settings, which do I use?

What else is new? As exciting as it is to share one light with three power settings, we are equally excited about the ability to interchange the colored heads. This allows you the use of different colors without the need for several different lights. We currently offer a Blue Light, proven to combat the bacteria the causes of acne as well as to assist with mood swings and SAD. In addition, to the red and blue lights, we have available an ultra violet light and a white light. The UV light helps you identify and kill bacteria and viruses, as well as many other helpful applications. The white light is useful to illuminate any area.


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